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    Nathan Fillion is not appreciated enough.

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    In which Jaime required coffee in order to sit through the wedding vows. [x]


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    iconic video of my childhood

    I can’t reblog this without providing a link in case anyone doesn’t know what this is.  Because everyone should know what this is, I feel.

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    Cat, I-

    I’m sorry

    Oh Christ they made more.

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    Becoming a Furry: For Beginners


    • get a fursona
    • draw your fursona
    • if you have no art talent, get other people to draw your fursona
    • find some sort of fucked up kink shit and get people to draw your fursona doing that
    • (optional) get a fursuit of your fursona and wear it in public like the furry trash you are
    • you’ve probably spent thousands of dollars on this by now
    • congrats youre a furry

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    Me:That's a cool Zelda hoodie. Where did you get that?
    Customer:Up in Saginaw.
    Me:Where though?
    Customer:A store. They have a bunch of stores there.
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    Set three of the animated gifs I made years ago. The sketchy gif of Gen running is an incomplete attempt to make a Pop’n Music style loop. Speaking of which, I clearly didn’t draw MZD from Pop’n, or Scratch. I just turned them into gifs.

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    Set two of the animated furry icons I made years ago.

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    Animated gif icons I made years ago. Most were commissions, based on the original I made with my old graphic design logo (top left).

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